Postgraduate Scholarships 2021
Fully Funded PhD Position, including stipend:
PhDScholarshipBryanHennelly Coherent Raman Spectroscopy/Microscopy for biomedical applications closing date 29th January 2021

Postgraduate Scholarships 2020
Taught Masters programmes - Maynooth University offer sixty scholarships of €2,000 per student.

  • Alumni scholarships - €5,000 towards fees are available to current undergraduate students who attain an average of 65% or better in their undergraduate programmes. ​ CLOSING DATE – 15TH JUNE
  • Maynooth University Postgraduate Teaching Studentship will be available for one student in October 2019.  Full annual tuition and a fixed maintenance award of €9,007 per annum.
  • John and Pat Hume Scholarships different levels:
    €16,000/annum + €2,000 expenses/annum + fees  - only one scholarship in  S & E Faculty
    €  9,000/annum + €1,000 annum expenses + fees   - six scholarships in S & E Faculty  
  • INTEL Taught Masters Scholarship: This new programme will support ten Maynooth University students with scholarships to the value of €3,000 each
  • Irish Research Council Funding PhDFull IRCSET scholarship (€16,000/annum + €2,250/annum expenses + EU level fees)  Enterprise partnership (same rate as full IRCSET, but company provides about 1/3 funding)   
  • NUI Travelling Studentships - Max of €96,000 for up to 4 years for study in another country - 

Current Department of Electronic Engineering Positions:

  • AVAILABLE ON AN ONGOING BASIS (look at FindAPhD or research group websites)
  • If you have a research interest in a particular area,  you should contact a potential academic supervisor, who can give you further direction and may be aware of other funding opportunities.

    * Further details on all Fees/ Funding and Scholarships