Postgraduate Scholarships 2019

  • Taught Masters programmes - Maynooth University offer sixty scholarships of €2,000 per student.
  • Alumni scholarships - €5,000 towards fees are available to current undergraduate students who attain an average of 65% or better in their undergraduate programmes. ​ CLOSING DATE – 15TH JUNE
  • Maynooth University Postgraduate Teaching Studentship will be available for one student in October 2019.  Full annual tuition and a fixed maintenance award of €9,007 per annum.
  • John and Pat Hume Scholarships different levels:
    €16,000/annum + €2,000 expenses/annum + fees  - only one scholarship in  S & E Faculty
    €  9,000/annum + €1,000 annum expenses + fees   - six scholarships in S & E Faculty  
  • Irish Research Council Funding PhDFull IRCSET scholarship (€16,000/annum + €2,250/annum expenses + EU level fees)  Enterprise partnership (same rate as full IRCSET, but company provides about 1/3 funding)   
  • NUI Travelling Studentships - Max of €96,000 for up to 4 years for study in another country - 

PhD in estimation and forecasting for wave energy applications, using moment-based methods.
1 PhD Position (4 year studentship@ €18k [tax free] per annum + fees) 
The Centre for Ocean Energy Research (COER) at Maynooth University, Ireland has a further opportunity for well-qualified applicants interested in undertaking a research degree at PhD level. 

The PhD project is in estimation and forecasting for wave energy applications, using moment-based methods. A variety of control algorithms have been developed for wave energy devices (WEDs), which provide optimal load force signals for a WED, given current and future knowledge of the excitation force on the device. However, the wave excitation force cannot be measured directly and future knowledge of the excitation force is required for the majority of WED controllers, which are non-causal. 

Further details:​

  • AVAILABLE ON AN ONGOING BASIS (look at FindAPhD or research group websites)
  • If you have a research interest in a particular area,  you should contact a potential academic supervisor, who can give you further direction and may be aware of other funding opportunities.

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