MU SPUR -Undergraduate Research Programme

Monday, February 14, 2022 - 11:30

Summer Programme for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) is an active research based and paid experiential learning programme for successful undergraduate students who wish to learn more about the postgraduate experience and possibly pursue a career in research is held for six weeks during the summer

Project Supervisor: Professor Gerry Lacey

This project builds on top of several final year projects to explore the world of service robotics.  You will work on "Trashbot" - a small mobile robot with a 6 axis robot arm. Trashbot uses a variety of sensors to find and collect trash.

The right student for this project will have an interest in robotics, programming and storytelling using videos. Our aim is to have fun while creating a compelling demonstration video that shows the power and limitations of robotics for current and prospective students.  The project is flexible so the student can explore sensor software to recognise trash, control software to avoid objects or on making the human interface to Trashbot better.  The exact specifics will be shaped around the skills and interests of the student.

Full details on How to Apply