Intel funds 10 scholarships for MU Post-Graduate Students

Friday, January 15, 2021 - 16:00

Ten Maynooth University students pursuing a Master’s degree in the Faculty of Science and Engineering have been awarded scholarships from Intel Ireland.
Under the scholarship programme, the students will benefit from financial support from Intel valued at €3,000 each, and by having an assigned mentor from Intel and the possibility to undertake project work supported by the company.
Outstanding students from the Departments of Electronic Engineering, Maths and Stats, Computer Science and Theoretical Physics were all eligible to apply for the funding, which supports students who are pursuing a Master’s degree in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.
The successful awardees who participated in an online ceremony hosted by Intel and Maynooth University, include six Taught Master’s students from Electronic Engineering, and four from Maths and Stats.
The students chosen were:

  • Will Douglas – Department of Electronic Engineering
  • William McDonnell - Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Ofure Destiny Agabueze-Ayo - Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Matthew Byrne - Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Gavin Simpson – Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Alisha Ratigan - Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Calum Heraty- Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Robyn Seery - Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Michael O’Rafferty - Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Meadhbh Healy - Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Commenting on the awarding of the scholarships, Maynooth University President Philip Nolan said: “I would like to congratulate these students who have been selected for this scholarship programme.  We are incredibly fortunate to have an excellent partner and neighbour in Intel and we would like to thank them for their generous support of these promising post-graduate students, and for being both a partner to Maynooth University and a friend to the region.”
Prof Nolan continued: “In Maynooth University, we are proud of our international research expertise in data sciences, machine learning, robotics and autonomous systems amongst others. The students awarded these scholarships are the next generation of contributors and innovators. We look forward to deepening our base of research collaborations in these areas.”
Eamonn Sinnott, Vice President, Manufacturing and Operations, and General Manager, Intel Ireland, said: “I would like to congratulate the scholarship recipients and to warmly welcome them to the Intel/Maynooth University family. As students of the university you will have the benefit of a world class education, and through these scholarships, we hope to further enhance your experience by sharing a unique insight into the world of work and leading-edge technology. We look forward to working together with each of as your academic journey unfolds”.
In March 2019, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Maynooth University and Intel was signed to create a strategic research and innovation partnership, and to nurture future talent.
Prof Ray O’Neill, Vice-President for Research and Innovation at Maynooth University, said: “The Memorandum of Understanding was a reflection of our years of working together, and provided a framework from which to grow that relationship in a number of important ways -- in research and innovation, in community partnerships, and most importantly, in the educational opportunities and career pathways for our students. This scholarship programme is the realization of that work and a first step in a relationship that I’m sure will only continue to grow.”