What’s stopping better information on schools?

Friday, January 7, 2022 - 10:15

Each year the Irish Times publishes secondary school rankings based on third-level profression rates. However, these rankings do not account for differences in the socieconomic composition of students across schools and therefore provide a flawed measure of school perfomance. In an article in today's paper titled "What's stopping better information on schools? Peter McGuire of the Irish Times interviews Dr. Aedin Doris, Prof. Donal O'Neill and Dr. Olive Swetman to discuss in more detail the flaws with the current rankings and what alternatives are available. The interview draws heavily on research by Doris, O'Neill and Sweetman titled "Good Schools or Good Students the Importance of Selectivity for School Rankings." in which they take a value-added approach to measuring sachool performance

The full interview is available at