Higher Education Funding Conference

Monday, October 5, 2015 - 12:15

On September 30th the faculty of Social Science at Maynooth University – and its constituent departments of Economics, Sociology and Education – convened a one-day international conference to help inform the debate on how higher education should be funded.  The presentations from the event are provided below. 

Prof. Claire Crawford, University of Warwick and Institute for Fiscal Studies "Higher Education Funding in England: Implications for Students, Universities and the Government."

Prof. Sara Goldrick-Rab, University of Wisconsin-Madison "Making College Both Affordable and Accessible: Lessons from the United States"

Prof. Bruce Chapman, Australian National University "Conceptual Issues in an Understanding of Student Loans"

Dr. Rory O’Donnell, National Economic and Social Council "The Approach Adopted by the Current Expert Group on the Future Funding of Higher Education"

Dr. Delma Byrne, Maynooth University "The Policy Framework for Higher Education and Implications for Access."

Prof. Bruce Chapman, Australian National University "The International Experience of Student Loans: Lessons for Ireland"

Photos from the event are available here.