Computational linguistics and the dating of early Irish Texts

Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 15:00 to 17:30
Staff Development Seminar Room, John Hume Building

Computational linguistics and the dating of early Irish Texts 

The Chronologicon Hibernicum project is hosting a series of three thirty-minute public lectures on 15 December, 2016. The lectures will start at 15:00 and run for approximately two and half hours with a coffee/tea break between each lecture. 


David Stifter (Maynooth University) Introduction - 15:00–15:05

Marius Jøhndal (University of Oslo) “Building and using online corpora for (historical) linguistic research” - 15:05–15:50. 

Aaron Griffith (Utrecht University) “Pre-verbal ceta 'first' in the glosses (and some thoughts of the origin of the notae augentes)” - 15:55–16:40. 

Gregory Toner (Queen’s University, Befast) “Machine learning and the dating of Medieval Irish Texts” - 16:45–17:30. 

Download the full programme here:  Computational Linguistics Conference

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