Students have the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects, from heroic literature to pre-historic archaeology, from the role of women in medieval Celtic societies to the history of Celtic languages. The core area of teaching and research of the Department of Early Irish lies in the language, literature and philology of Early Medieval Ireland (400–1200 A.D.), as well as in the study of other Ancient and Medieval Celtic languages and literatures. These core activities are informed by an input from other adjacent subject areas that are necessary for the full appreciation and understanding of those central areas in their linguistic, literary, cultural, historical and material contexts, in particular the study of the archaeology and history of Early Medieval Ireland and of Ancient and Medieval Celtic peoples in general. These subject areas are reflected in the study programmes offered by the Department, namely the undergraduate subject Medieval Irish and Celtic Studies and the various postgraduate programmes in Medieval Irish, and they are those fields in which research is carried out in the Department. Postgraduate Studies: