Enda Whitney

Project Social Care Worker
Extern Ireland
Social, community and youth
BA (Geography and English), Certificate in Counselling Skills

I made friends for life. I got opprortunities to do things I had never done before. Mcing the Battle of the Bands for the Maynooth Students' Union is a great memory for me. I believe the winners that year 'Gypsies on the Autobahn' are still going strong.

Fundraising and embarking on a volunteer project with The Maynooth Mission outreach and volunteering as part of a supported project in Lima, Peru.

It is a close-knit community of students, from everywhere. It has a rich social life in its societies, student union amd nightlife. We got to take an incredibly unique field trip with our geography course to Belfast as we were studying the urban and human geography associated with the peace walls and the effects of the infrastructure the Northern troubles had left behind for communities there.

I learned how to be a real people person from my time in Maynooth. I learned the true meaning of applying empathy to my work and I learbed how to take into account environmental as well as human factors when faced with situations. I do that everyday in my work now. I became skilled at presentations and effective communication from my time at Maynooth.

Really engage with the people delivering the course and your peers. This degree can allow you to think outside the box.