Recent Publications

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 12:30

The chemistry department are delighted to announce the following recent publications from Dr. Diego Montagner.

Published paper:

Targeted anticancer drug

“A Cu(II) complex targeting the translocator protein: in vitro and in vivo antitumor potential and mechanistic insights”

ChemComm 2017, 53, 134-137

Montagner, Fresch, Browne, Gandin, Erxleben

A new Cu-based anticancer agent which targets the translocator protein is reported. [CuBr2(TZ6)] elicits a remarkable in vitro cytotoxicity in sensitive and multidrug resistant cell lines and induces a 98% reduction of tumour mass in a murine tumour model. Target binding was studied by experimental and computational methods.

Published paper:

In vivo antimicrobial studies of metal-based complexes

”Steroid–AuI–NHC Complexes: Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity”

ChemMedChem 2017, 12, 841-844

Velle’, Maguire, Kavanagh, Sanz Miguel, Montagner.

Pioneering complexes that combine NHC ligands and hormone derivatives (ethynylestradiol and ethisterone) have been developed and tested as antimicrobial agents in collaboration with Prof. Kavanagh of Biology Department in MU. The toxicity studies reveal that the presence of estradiol positively affects the in vivo antibacterial activity of the gold(I) carbine complexes. This finding may represent a significant new development in the use of metal–estrogens as effective antimicrobial agents.