CTL 2023 Teaching and Learning Fellowships Recipients Announced

CTL SoTL Fellowships at Maynooth University
Tuesday, September 12, 2023 - 14:30

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 2023 (SoTL)

We are thrilled to announce and congratulate the CTL Teaching and Learning Fellows 2023-24. This year’s T&L Fellowships are awarded under two strands both of which are reflective of current higher education T&L concerns, namely 'Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Teaching, Learning and Assessment' (Strand 1) and 'Universal Design for Learning - Building a Culture of Inclusion in Maynooth University’ (Strand 2). The recipients of T&L Fellowships are as follows:
Strand 1 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Dr Rebecca Chiyoko King-O'Riain, Department of Sociology, ‘Is Artificial Intelligence Reproducing or Helping to Solve Social Inequality?’
Dr Shane McLoughlin, School of Business, ‘Towards a Triangle of Proficiency for a paradigm of Generative AI’.
Dr Anthony Malone, Education Department, ‘Developing authentic assessment literacy capabilities in the use of AI technologies: An action research study’. 

Strand 2 - Universal Design for Learning - Building a Culture of Inclusion in Maynooth University
Dr Marian Crowley-Henry, School of Business, and Dr Margaret Flood, Education Department, and Faculty of Social Sciences.
Professor Denise Rooney, Chemistry Department and Faculty of Science and Engineering.
Dr Moynagh Sullivan, English Department and Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies, and Philosophy.

Strand 1 fellowships involve the exploration of generative AI (genAl) from a teaching, learning and assessment perspective with a strong focus on practice. The Fellowships are intended to provide colleagues with space and time to learn more about AI in disciplinary contexts, as well as involving sharing that learning with colleagues from across the faculties.

Strand 2 fellowships are part of a cross faculty UDL Fellowship project that will support staff with embedding UDL in their teaching, learning and assessment practices. Strand 2 is jointly funded by SATLE 2022 and forms part of the Maynooth University PATH 4 Phase 1 Universal Design in Education project led by MAP. CTL leads Strand 3, which is an introductory project to enable embedding of UDL in teaching, learning and assessment practice and to embed the Moodle Accessibility Toolkit at Maynooth University.

The CTL T&L Fellowships 2023-24 are a key part of Maynooth University’s ongoing commitment to developing teaching, supporting student success, and promoting Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). If you would like to learn more about the CTL T&L Fellowships please contact us at teachingandlearning@mu.ie