Find a job

Finding a job is a process that takes a lot work. In fact the more work you put in to the process the easier you job search could be. In this section we have provided information and useful links to help at every stage throughout this process. In the beginning you may need to Get Experience, either to explore if this area of work is right for you or you could be using this experience to enhance your CV. Doing some Volunteering or taking up an Internship can be a good means of gaining experience.

If you are ready to start applying for jobs using our Job Search Strategies will help identify where to find available yet sometimes not obvious opportunities.  Making a good application is a crucial step and CVs and Applications provides tips on CVs, cover letters and application forms.

Each year Maynooth University Career Development Centre works closely with many employers seeking to recruit Maynooth University students and graduates. Our Job Listing contains opportunities for final years with jobs and internships starting after your finish your degree. This section also includes Current Jobs – opportunities for recent graduates in jobs starting soon.  As you look through this section you will notice that some employers are recruiting on an ongoing basis with excellent opportunities available all year round and our Jobs Archive contains details of some jobs notified to us in the past. You may also like to explore Campus Job Opportunities - a listing of jobs available on campus.

If you are considering speculative applications or interested in seeing which employers have previously advertised opportunities with the Career Development Centre use our Employer Listing and to link to the recruitment pages of employer website.