Energy and Sustainability

The Campus Planning and Development Office ensures that sustainability and Energy Efficiency are high on the agenda when new and refurbished buildings are in the design stage. The most recent new building projects at:  Iontas, Phoenix Restaurant, the John Paul Library Extension, Eolas and the Courtyard apartments include the following sustainability installations:

  • Natural Ventilation 
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Solar Water Heating 
  • Modular Heating Boilers 
  • Building Management and Energy Monitoring systems 
  • DALI Lighting Systems (Digital Addressable Lighting Installations) 

Maynooth University is committed to the provision of a vibrant sustainable campus environment, rich in learning, culture, heritage and nature, with modern inclusive facilities and infrastructure commensurate with the needs of a growing community of students, staff and visitors.

Biodiversity, energy, water and waste management, sustainable commuting and the development of the public realm underpins the enhancement of our campus environment.  Led by the Maynooth Green Campus Committee, Maynooth University was awarded the Green Campus Flagby An Taisce in 2018.  This initiative is a collaboration between MU students, faculty and support staff, and institution partners St Patrick's College Maynooth and the development agency Trócaire.    

Among the first 20 public sector bodies to do so, Maynooth University achieved ISO5000 energy management accreditation in 2018. The University continues to advance initiatives designed to achieve the national energy efficiency improvement target of 33% through careful consideration of energy use, life-cycle costs and opportunities to showcase sustainability. 

Advocating biodiversity and the protection of flora and fauna, the University is an active partner in the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan in conjunction with Biodiversity Ireland, the National Biodiversity Data Centre, Kildare County Council, Maynooth Tidy Towns and Intel Ireland. University initiatives include:

  • Pollinator friendly habitat and the creation of 56 bird boxes, 12 bat boxes, bumblebee nests and bug hotels; including student-led projects coordinated with Bat Conservation Ireland;
  • Development of wildflower meadows and biodiversity trails which support walking, running, jogging and community use;
  • An active tree management plan to create a safer, healthier tree population, reinforcing the campus  diversity of trees which add character and a sense of place, while contributing to a healthy environment;
  • Public spaces developed to make the campus more attractive and animated; and
  • The ongoing provision of expertise to local communities through Biodiversity Seminars and dissemination of wider green campus initiatives. 

In 2009, Maynooth University embarked on a sustainable commuting programme and measures undertaken to date have resulted in a reduction of the proportion of people travelling to the campus by car from 60% to 32%. Successful initiatives include:

  • enhanced pedestrian and cyclist supports, including bike-to-work schemes, secure and covered bicycle parking, shower and changing facilities, 
  • increased bus services from student catchment areas, 
  • car demand management and car-sharing schemes, 
  • smarter travel promotions in partnership with the NTA and Kildare County Council, and 
  • increased on-campus student residence accommodation, reducing vehicular traffic to the campus.

Further information on Energy and Sustainability is available from

Visit The Green Campus website for further information