Whether you are seeking fitness, fun or friendship, our campus facilities at Maynooth University will help you enjoy all aspects of sport. And if you aim to compete at the top of your game, you won’t be short of opportunity on and around campus.

The nearby River Liffey plays host to the canoe and kayak club while Carton Demense provides opportunities for hiking, biking and golf.  The extensive grounds of St. Patrick's College, Maynooth, otherwise known as the south campus, has extensive parklands and walks in beautiful heritage surroundings.

On the north campus, Maynooth University 'Phoenix' Sports Centre boasts a large sports hall (600 sq.m.; one basketball court) with a viewing balcony, small sports hall (300 sq.m.), PE teaching hall (300 sq.m.) with break-out room for theory instruction.  The sports halls are the home to the University's basketball, volleyball and badminton clubs and provide a venue for the multiple martial arts and dance sessions.

The Centre also comprises a magnificent fully equipped fitness centre (180 sq.m.) and a free-weights room (35 sq.m.).   

Integral to the Sports Centre's offerings are three sand-carpet natural turf floodlit playing fields, and a full-sized FIFA-approved 3G synthetic pitch catering for Gaelic games, soccer and rugby. The Synthetic Pitch will not be accesible unless booked.

The live Sports Hall bookings can be viewed and booked on SportsKey.

Basketball players playing on the new 1on1 court