Starting university and a new course can be daunting but you should remember you will not be the only student feeling like this so please use the services available to you – we are here to help. Some useful supports are outlined below:

If you wish to obtain further information on any support you should click on the relevant link.

  • The Student Advisor can help you navigate university life and offer you practical advice and guidance that will be helpful. You can book an appointment to meet the Advisor by accessing their website. 
  • Academic Advisory Office The team offers advice and assistance with the general experience of University life and offers help with students encountering difficulties in their programme of study. The office can be contacted by emailing or completing the enquiry form here
  • Programme Advisory Office The team is available to assist and advise undergraduate students with programme related decisions they may be unsure about and acts as a guide for students to navigate their way through their programme options.  The email address is 
  • Maths Support Centre The service provides informal, friendly additional support to all undergraduate Maynooth University students. Check out the website for all information and resources by clicking here.
  • Student Plus is a free, academic skills course for first year students with sessions designed to help you develop the skills that will enable you to learn more effectively during your time at Maynooth University and beyond. 
  • Writing Support is located in the Arts Buildng and offers a free, friendly, non-judgmental writing help to any student, undergraduate or postgraduate regardless of course, degree or level.  
  • Student Central is an academic support programme for students at Maynooth University with additional learning needs. Useful resources are available on the website. 

LIST (Library & Information Skills Tutorials) offers both classroom style and online sessions covering a wide variety of skills and topics such as 'finding items on your reading list' and 'Essay writing skills'. The full list of sessions can be found by following the link.