QSA*Net aims to stimulate awareness and participation in open research by promoting practices of data re-use in the qualitative social sciences. The project will research barriers to re-using qualitative data deposited in data infrastructures such as the Digital Repository of Ireland, and inform researchers about the analytical potential of Qualitative Secondary Analysis (QSA). It will engage researchers across disciplines, and across academic and applied sectors, by building community, fostering expertise, and developing skills in QSA, with a particular focus on early career and other under-represented researchers. QSA*Net will establish an international partnership on excellence in QSA with Maynooth University, the Technological University of the Shannon in Ireland, and the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Building on this partnership, QSA*Net will develop an openly available collection of state-of-the art resources on QSA in the Digital Repository of Ireland (QSA*Hub), and will contribute to the development of an international network on Qualitative Archives and Qualitative Data Re-Use.


This project has received funding from Ireland’s National Open Research Forum (NORF) under the 2022 Open Research Fund.