School of Athens - Maynooth University

All talks except the evening event for the World Philosophy Day will take place Tuesdays, 12 noon, SE129, School of Education

Tuesday 3rd October
Ethical Reasoning in Public Policy Management
Sven Grundmann, M.A.
(NRW School of Governance/Universität Duisburg-Essen)
Chair: Susan Gottlöber
This is a joint event together with the Department of Sociology
Tuesday 17th October,
God and Creation

Dr Gaven Kerr
(Maynooth University)
Chair: Dr Amos Edelheit
Response:  Dr Mette Lebech
Wednesday 15th November 5 PM, Renehan Hall
Event to celebrate the UN Philosophy Day 2017
Please note the venue and time change for the evening event!
The Crisis of Democracy and Education – and the Way Forward
Prof. Larry A. Hickman
(SIU Carbondale)
Chair: Dr Susan Gottlöber
Followed by a round table discussion and a wine reception.

Tuesday 21st November,
On the Anti-Oedipus Complex and the End of the Father

Dr Rob Weatherill
Chair: Prof. William Desmond
Tuesday 5th December,
The Strife between Earth and World: Heidegger’s Thesis on the Work of Art in Context of His Politics

Gregory Jackson, Ph.D. Candidate
(Maynooth University)
Chair: Dr Mette Lebech
Response: Dr Cyril McDonnell