Dr Treasa Kenny

Edward M Kennedy Institute, Law

Academic Programme Coordinator & Lecturer

Rye Hall
3rd Floor
(01) 708 6635


I am Programme Director and Lecturer in Mediation, Conflict Intervention and Negotiation.  I am graduate of University of Sheffield and University College Dublin who worked in organisations and as a self-employed practitioner for 18 years, in mediation, conflict intervention and negotiation roles across a variety of sectors – Higher Education, Health, Voluntary, Financial Services and Separating Couples.   I completed a PhD (part-time) mapping the complex landscape of antecedents, processes and outcomes to workplace mediation. As a pracademic, I have a commitment to working collaboratively with both academics and practitioners in the fields of mediation, conflict intervention and negotiation. My overall aim would be to include those who participate in mediation, conflict intervention and negotiation in those conversations.   I have contributed articles to the Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Intervention (JMACA)  As one of the founding members of the Kennedy Institute Workplace Mediation Research Group (KIWMRG) I was part of the research project team that delivered two related research reports in 2016.  Our approach to research involves academic researchers and practitioners conducting research together in the interests of the community of practice.    I am an Advanced Member of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) and I was Director of Accreditation for the MII for seven years.  I am also a member of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and represented the MII on the Board of the European Mediation Network Initiative (EMNI).  I am also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD)