This Social Justice Week, Mi:Lab is hosting a workshop exploring the topic of:
Strategic Design in Education (SDxE) as a means of advancing UN Sustainable Development Goals in Higher Education.
Mi:Lab will introduce the SDxE approach to tackling HEI challenges and use it to host a group brainstorm focused on reducing HE inequalities.
About this event
This fast-paced workshop will showcase how the Maynooth University Innovation Lab's (Mi:Lab) recently developed 'Strategic Design in Education' (SDxE) approach to innovation may offer an effective means of addressing complex and even 'wicked' challenges facing Higher Education. Mi:Lab will demonstrate how SDxE and the ARRIVE innovation framework offers an instructive, strategic approach to forging wholesale, strategic change, by encouraging effective cross-disciplinary collaboration, empathy building, creative thinking and experimentation.
During the workshop, we will foster a collaborative environment, enabling members of the Maynooth University community to brainstorm and create concepts that might address some of the social inequalities that exist, to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

To register, follow this link: 
All workshop attendees are invited to Lunch in Pugin Hall after the workshop. 
Time and Date: Wednesday 23rd March, 10am-1pm  
Location: Rye Hall