MU's Research Week 2022 takes place on the week of 24 October and coincides with Open Access Week.  The Library is delighted to co-ordinate with the University on preparing a programme of talks and exhibitions.  All talks are online and will be recorded where possible. These talks are also be listed in the overall Research Week programme of the University available HERE.


Online Exhibitions

MU Publications SWAY exhibition
Elaine Bean /Michaela Hollywood /Amanda Mahon

This exhibition covers books published during the last three years.  Topics are wide ranging and include literature, music, politics, poetry, the changing role of women in Irish and other societies, conflicts nationally and internationally, faith and spirituality, music, marriage, maps and data mining and the COVID Pandemic. The exhibition gives a flavour of our rich publishing output. The books included are available from the University Library.

View the exhibition

MU Library Makerspace - 3D Printing supporting research
Dr. Heidi Campbell

This virtual exhibition focuses on the diverse research topics of both students and staff who we have submitted 3D printing requests to MU Library Makerspace. From a miniature pill box and clay measure to an ambisonic shell and grip testing tool used for a robotic arm - this theme explores the different ways a university library uses 3D printers to support student and staff research.

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The Second Reformation and Catholic–Protestant Relations in Pre-Famine Ireland: Bicentennial Perspectives SWAY exhibition.

Exhibition curators: Dr Ciarán Mc Cabe & Alexandra Caccamo
Digital exhibition: Catherine Ahearne

This exhibition explores the significance & legacy of the Second Reformation of the 1820s-40s. The launch fall on the bicentenary of the infamous sermon (charge) given by the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin, William Magee (1766-1831) in St Patrick’s Cathedral on 24 October 1822. Archbishop Magee’s charge sparked religious controversy in Ireland, playing a significant role in driving the Second Reformation, including the 'Bible War', and being countered by the emergence of an assertive Irish Catholicism.

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Libguide - Open Access Publishing and Platforms and MU’s Diamond Open Access Peer-Reviewed Journals

Fiona Morley /Edel King

Interested in publishing open access under a diamond OA model? Check out the fully open peer-reviewed journals that MU colleagues are publishing with assistance from the Library.
Find out more about open publishing platforms, the library publishing community and other routes into open access in this new guide.

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Events and Webinars


Open Access and Transformative Agreements at Maynooth University
Grace O'Brien/Ruth O'Hara

Since 2020, Maynooth University as a member of the IReL consortium has played its part in helping the transition towards cost neutral Open Access by working to secure an unprecedented number of Open Access agreements with key scholarly publishers across a wide breadth of subject areas. This presentation will look at how these Transformative Agreements work and what are the benefits to making research open access. We will also outline the Library supports and resources that are available to the academic community in Maynooth to assist them in making their work open access.

View the webinar HERE.

Monday 24 October 9:30am - 2pm

Symposium and exhibition launch for ‘The Second Reformation and Catholic–Protestant Relations in Pre-Famine Ireland: Bicentennial Perspectives’
Multiple speakers

Please join us for a symposium and exhibition exploring the significance and legacy of the Second Reformation of the 1820s-40s. This event falls on the bicentenary of the infamous sermon (charge) delivered by the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin, William Magee (1766-1831) in St Patrick’s Cathedral on 24 October 1822.  

The symposium will include the following speakers:  
A declaration of religious war? Archbishop William Magee’s ‘antithetical’ charge of 24 October 1822: context and consequences. Speaker: Professor Emerita Irene Whelan (Manhattanville College, New York).
The Reverend William Phelan and his contribution to Irish church history, c.1790–1850. Speaker: Professor Emerita Jacqueline Hill (Maynooth University).
Messengers, watchmen, and stewards of the Lord”; how Archbishop Magee’s message to ‘the Clergy of the National Religion’ influenced the writing of Irish religious history. Speaker: Dr Miriam Moffitt (St Patrick’s College, Maynooth).
Catholic-Protestant relations in pre-Famine Ireland: a case study of Dublin parish vestries. Speaker: Dr Ciarán McCabe (Queen’s University Belfast).
The Second Reformation in the Kingscourt District, 1822–61. Speaker: Dr Marion Rogan (Maynooth University).
Churchmanship and the Second Reformation: a case study of the 3rd Earl of Roden and his estates. Speaker: Mr James Frazer (Queen’s University Belfast).

If you missed the symposium you can attend the exhibition virtually HERE.

Tuesday 25 October 10:30 - 11:30am

How the Library can support Early Career Researchers in their career progression
Ciaran Quinn

This session will look at the supports and resources available to ECR's to assist them in the Research process, managing their research data and developing Data Management Plans, choosing where to publish their research output, measuring research impact to showcase their work, enhancing their research visibility and much more. There will also be a Q&A session at the end for any queries you may have.

View the webinar HERE 

Tuesday 25 October 2:30 - 3pm

Developing a Data Management Plan for your research data: An introduction to the tools and supports available to help you do this
Fran Callaghan
This session will outline what a DMP is, why its important, what it should contain and what steps to follow to complete it. It will also look at the tools available to help you complete it correctly whether it’s to comply with funders mandates or part of your own good research practice. Part two will focus on reviewing your Data management Plan. This will bring you through the correct approach and provide helpful tips for reviewing your DMP.

View the webinar HERE 

Thursday 27 October 10 - 10:30am

The Troubles Collection in Maynooth University Library
Ruth O'Hara

This paper will look at Maynooth University Library's (MUL) unique collection of books, pamphlets and ephemera relating to the period commonly referred to as the Northern Ireland "troubles". It examines the obligations and challenges placed on MUL to contribute to the collective memory and heritage of a society by preserving with impartiality such authentic source material. By acquiring and making this “troubles” material available MUL is continuing to transform its collections by ensuring a diversity of opinions are accessible to all who are interested in using our shared past to inform our future approach to this turbulent period of our history.

View the webinar HERE

Thursday 27 October 11 - 12:30pm

Maynooth Open Research Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Dorothy Bishop: Open Research Practices in the Age of a Papermill Pandemic
Prof. Dorothy Bishop

Prof. Bishop has been a longstanding supporter of open science and research integrity, and in this lecture will discuss challenges facing open science, focussing in particular on the problem of "academic paper mills”.
Over the past decade, pressure has been growing for researchers to adopt open practices, which have been gradually growing in acceptance. The starting point was open access publishing, but now there are moves to require open data, open analysis scripts and open reviewing. In addition, there is growing interest in pre-registration, which involves openly committing to a research question and analysis plan prior to data collection. One factor that might encourage adoption of open practices is the astounding growth in fake papers produced by so-called academic paper mills. These are organisations whose business model involves selling authorship of publications. The publications may be plagiarised or computer-generated, and they vary in terms of how easily they can be detected. Papermills have become a serious problem and they threaten to inundate some journals. I will discuss the factors that motivate the use of paper mills and consider what we can do to defend against them. I conclude that open practices can play a major role in depolluting the literature.

View the webinar HERE

Thursday 27 October 7pm

Book Launch
‘Leaves from the Cotton Tree’ 37 essays by Sierra Leonean and Irish people, who have built and maintained Ireland's unique relationship with Sierra Leone

Professor Aidan Mulkeen, Deputy University President and Registrar, Maynooth University, will launch “Leaves from the Cotton Tree: Celebrating Thirty Years of the Sierra Leone Ireland Partnership”. The book launch is the final event in Maynooth Research Week 2022.

The 35 essays in the book are written by Sierra Leoneans who live and work or study in Ireland and Irish people who have worked in Sierra Leone in different capacities.

Published by Sierra Leone Ireland Partnership (SLIP), topics covered include the Sierra Leonean student experience in Ireland, the Sierra Leonean film industry, healthcare, teacher education and training, libraries and research support, Irish missionaries in Sierra Leone, diplomatic links and the history of the Sierra Leone Ireland Partnership, now in its 30th year of existence. The book will be on sale at the event and will be €15 cash sales only.