An Introduction to Qualitative Secondary Analysis: three depth-to-breadth methods

When: 19 March 2020, 10:00-15.30

Where: Maynooth University Library Training Room E

Qualitative Secondary Analysis (QSA) is gaining recognition as an emergent methodology with real potential for advancing knowledge in a new landscape of digital data, archives and infrastructures and a drive towards open access.  These changes are informing the agendas of European funding councils who increasingly require researchers to reuse existing data, and to deposit their data into appropriate archives at the conclusion of their study.

If you are considering using QSA in your own work, whether through the use of data you have already collected, or data archived in specialist resources, we invite you to attend a Workshop that introduces cutting edge debates and techniques of QSA.

Using a combination of presentations and group-based activities, this Workshop offers the opportunity for you to discuss approaches to the reuse and analysis of archived qualitative data using three depth-to-breadth methods of QSA: continuous, collective and concerted.

Continuous QSA involves casing across project data, identifying analytic correspondences to build new empirical evidence and continuous samples. Collective QSA involves bringing together members of different research teams to establish linkages across studies and identify new analytic directions. Concerted QSA involves working across datasets to understand what new theoretical cases can be used to develop new substantive insights.

Dr. Kahryn Hughes, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Leeds. Kahryn Hughes is an internationally recognised scholar in the field of qualitative secondary analysis and Director of the Timescapes Archive, a world-leading specialist digital data repository for qualitative longitudinal research

Dr. Anna Tarrant, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Lincoln. Anna Tarrant is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, Round 2. Her research has broadly focused on men’s care responsibilities and support needs, particularly in low-income families.

Kahryn Hughes and Anna Tarrant are co-editors of Qualitative Secondary Analysis, published by Sage in 2019 The Irish launch of the book will take place during the lunch break

The workshop is free but places are limited.  Please register here.

Contact Jane Gray at for more information.