IQDA resources for researchers

Download a copy of the IQDA and TWCDI guide on Best Practice in Archiving Qualitative Data

Preparing your data for archiving
Some practical guidance on getting your collection archive ready

IQDA Guide to Anonymising Qualitative Data
This guide outlines the questions you need to be asking when you are anonymising qualitative data.

IQDA Qualitative Data Anonymizer tool
Download a tool which can be used for bulk find and replace of terms within a document. You must have Java installed for the tool to work.
  How to use the IQDA Anonmyisation tool
Download a manual that explaines how to use the IQDA Anonymisation tool

Data management training for research staff
One-to-one and group training for staff in best practice for research data management

How the IQDA can help you 
If you are thinking about archiving your collection of qualitative research data the IQDA can guide you through this process