Maynooth University welcomes students from our partner universities to spend a semester or a full year at Maynooth University under the Study Abroad & Exchange programme. As a study abroad student at Maynooth, you will enjoy a wonderful and unique Maynooth experience, with top quality teaching and learning facilities, friendly staff, a beautiful campus, and fun social life. 


Email with any general questions. 

Academic Year 2020/2021 Dates: Subject to change*

Fall Semester 2020:

Accommodation Move-In: From August 24th, if required
Orientation: September 21st - 25th 
Classes Commence: September 28th 
Study Week: October 26th - 30th 
Lectures finish: December 18th*
*Semester one only students complete assessments by this date
Departure Date: December 19th

Examination period: (Full Year students only): January 8th - 23rd 2021
​Accommodation Move-Out: Saturday June 5th 2021

Spring Semester 2021: 

Accommodation move in: January 25th 
Orientation: January 27th - 29th 
Classes commence: February 1st 
Study week: March 15th - 19th 
Easter Break: April 5th - 9th 
Lectures finish: May 7th 

Examination period: May 14th - 29th 
Accommodation move out: June 5th 2021

Fall & Full Year 2020/2021 application deadline: June 30th 2020 Spring 2021 application deadline: October 31st 2020

   *all dates are subject to change, with as much advance notice as possible given.
  *Examination dates are released in April each year.