Study Abroad at Maynooth and Change the Way You see the World!

Would you like to experience a truly immersive semester abroad, discover a new culture, forge lasting friendships, gain confidence and graduate prepared for the workforce? If your answer is 'yes', then the Study Abroad program at Maynooth University is the perfect fit for you! Please use the links below to navigate through information on the selective suite of classes available and for information on how to apply. Email with any questions! 

2018/19 Term Dates:

Fall Semester 2018:
-Accommodation Move-In: From September 16th
-Orientation: September 19th and 20th
-Classes Commence: September 24th
-Mid-Term Break: Oct 29th-Nov 2nd (Study Week)
-Lectures finish: December 21st 

January 11th-26th 2019: Exams (Full Year students only)
(Single semester students will sit exams before Christmas)

Spring Semester 2019:
-Accommodation Move-In: From January 28th
-Orientation: January 30th and 31st
-Classes Commence: February 4th
-Mid-Term Break: March 18th-22nd (Study Week)
-Easter Vacation: April 15th-23rd 
-Lectures finish: May 10th
​-Accommodation Move-Out: Saturday June 8th (by 12 noon)

​May 17th-June 8th (At the latest): Exams 

Fall 2019 & Full Year 2019/20 application deadline: May 31st 2019
Application now open! 
Spring 2020 application deadline: October 31st 2019

Study Abroad Tuition Fees

The standard Study Abroad tuition fee is 6000 euro per semester ​(12,000 euro for Full Year)