Want To Study Abroad In Ireland at Maynooth University?


Students interested in coming to Maynooth University as a Non-EU Study Abroad or Exchange student can apply to Maynooth University for one semester or one academic year. 

If you wish to be a study abroad or exchange student, you must first be nominated to Maynooth University by your home school Coordinator/Advisor. 

If your home school does not have a partnership with Maynooth University, you can apply to us directly or through one of the Study Abroad Providers we work with. 

Please email jodi.killackey@mu.ie for Spring 2023 application link. 


Fall 2022  Spring 2023  Full-Year 2022/23  
€6,000 €6,000 €12,000

The above fees are confirmed for the 2022/23 academic year only and may be subject to change after that.

If you are coming to Maynooth University as a non-EU international student for a semester or a full-year you will be eligible for the above fees.
Please note that these fees are for tuition only and additional fees for accommodation, immigration etc. may be incurred. Exchange students from partner universities are exempt from the above tuition fees.

Please follow the link below to find more information on the cost of living in Ireland as well as important details that will help you plan your stay in Maynooth.