Select Your Classes!

Please examine the available courses list at the following link

  • The course list is currently showing the 2023/24 academic year offerings.
  • The system is updated for the next academic year each August.
  • We strongly suggest that you have extra classes approved by your home university in the event that you are not in a position to avail of one or more of your chosen classes.
  • If you have any questions or queries regarding syllabi or details specifically relating to classes you wish to take please contact the international academic coordinator of the respective department for further information. Details of all international academic coordinators can be found here. 


We are also offering bespoke Certificate programs to our study abroad students:


Students will receive pre-approval for their class choices in advance of arrival. After acceptance, students will be sent information about our International Module Approval System (IMAS) and will log in during a set period to upload their transcript and select modules.
International Coordinators will then log in and accept (or not accept) students into their chosen modules.

There is also a 2 week add/drop period at the beginning of each semester to make changes.  


Selective Suite of Classes offered to visiting students




Study Abroad students have the opportunity to take Theology classes with St Patrick's Pontifical University. Further details are available on the list of available courses here