Hamilton Institute Seminar

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 13:00 to 14:00
Hamilton Institute Seminar Room (317), 3rd Floor Eolas Building

Speaker: Dr Mingming Liu, School of Electronic Engineering, DCU

Title: "Decentralized Optimization Algorithms with Applications to Smart Grids and Intelligent Transportation Systems"

Abstract: In recent year, it has seen a significant scientific movement towards making things connected in a decentralized manner. In the context of smart cities, one example would be the Internet of Things, where millions and billions of devices are aimed to be connected, networked in a plug-and-play manner, the information of which can then be shared in a robust and elastic way. For this purpose, ingenious designs of distributed/decentralized algorithms are required, usually with some optimality goal in mind at a system level.

In this talk, I will present two classes of decentralized optimization algorithms that have been recently proposed for optimizing the performance of electric vehicle networks in the context of smart grids and intelligent transportation systems. This talk cover basic concepts that help understand how decentralized algorithms can be designed by borrowing fundamental ideas from nonlinear dynamical systems and network theories. With this in mind, we will see how the decentralized algorithms can be further adapted to address the arising challenges in real world scenarios, especially in the area of energy management and pollution control in cities.