Hamilton Institute Seminar

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 14:00 to 15:00
Hamilton Institute Seminar Room 317, 3rd Floor, Eolas Building, North Campus, Maynooth University

Speaker: Dr Jonathan Dunne, IBM Ireland.

Title: "Endless Data".

Abstract: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as well as micro teams, face an uphill task when delivering software to the Cloud. While rapid release methods such as Continuous Delivery can speed up the delivery cycle: software quality, application uptime and information management remain key concerns. This work looks at four aspects of software delivery: crowdsourced testing, Cloud outage modelling, collaborative chat discourse modelling, and collaborative chat discourse segmentation. For each aspect, we consider business related questions around how to improve software quality and gain more significant insights into collaborative data while respecting the rapid release paradigm.

Bio: Jonathan has over 25 years industry experience (Microsoft & IBM) working in a variety of roles including: Development, DevOps, System and Performance engineer, on a broad range of consumer based products (e.g. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and IBM (Lotus) Notes). In the past decade Jonathan has worked as a Data scientist analysing data and development cognitive based solutions in the areas of Cloud fault detection & remediation as well as real-time chat discourse modelling.

Jonathan received his B.Sc degree in Computing and Statistics from the Open University, UK, in 2014. Recently Jonathan completed his Ph.D. research with the Hamilton Institute, in Maynooth University in the area of Cloud fault detection and real-time chat discourse modelling. Jonathan is the holder of 170 patents and is a Master Inventor in IBM. Jonathan has research interests in the following fields: inter-arrival & service time modelling of Cloud outage events and Corpus linguistic analysis of log events and real-time chat discourse.