Keith Murray

Resource and History Teacher
Professional Diploma in Education

The importance of planning and preparing a class and critical thinking are by far the most important skill that was taught to me at Maynooth. While doing my PDE I didn’t fully understand the importance of both of these but since entering teaching I have realised that both of these skills are invaluable.

The most interesting part of my job I think is that no class, let alone day is ever the same. While you could be teaching the same topic to similar age groups the response of the students can and usually is, completely different and is something that I love about the job. The most challenging part of the job is trying to balance making classes interesting for students and getting them engaged with the topic that is being covered while at the same time trying to get the syllabus finished with enough time for revision. Something that I have yet to get to grips with.

What are the key skills/knowledge you use in your current role?
The most important skill for teaching, I think, is the skill of communication. It’s my job to get the students engaged with topics and to try to get them interested in history and to do this the skill of effective communication is of utmost importance. Also a knowledge of the topics you teach is also helpful.

(submitted November 2013)