Pamela Moran

Senior Publisher, Thomson Reuters Round Hall
Ancient Classics

Could you tell us who you are and what you do?
My name is Pamela Moran and I am the Senior Publisher for Ireland with Thomson Reuters Round Hall. I commission our Irish front list and am responsible for the commercial management of the Round Hall business portfolio of legal publications. I also commission titles for our Sweet & Maxwell Private Client list in the United Kingdom.
How did studying Classics at Maynooth help you to succeed beyond your degree?
I studied Classics at Maynooth as an undergraduate and then completed a MA in the subject. Alongside my MA, I also completed a 3-year degree in the Ancient Greek language. Upon completion of my studies at Maynooth, I broke into the world of publishing as an Editorial Assistant for a Dublin-based literary agent. The agent who hired me made a note of the fact, in my interview, that my classical studies made my CV stand out - in particular, my study of the Ancient Greek language. 
I have always loved that Classics is a multitude of subjects within one umbrella - language, history, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, literature, theology ... the list is endless. Providing, as it did, a rich education across all of these areas, the study of Classics made it possible for me to apply myself to a number of professional roles with no prior training or experience, using skills honed during my time at Maynooth. 
Any nice memories from your time at Maynooth?
I will always consider my years in Maynooth amongst the happiest of my life, and being a part of the Classics Department was integral to that experience. Having studied there for 7 years, I forged amazing relationships with my lecturers and fellow students. Amongst my favourite memories are the Hibernian Hellenists nights where we would more often than not have a paper from a guest speaker, followed by a riveting Q&A session with refreshments, that would inevitably conclude in The Roost and the early hours! I made friendships in Maynooth that have lasted me a lifetime and I have called back to the Department on occasion, years later, to a warm welcome from my old lecturers.