Dr David Smyth

ICARUS, Geography

Post Doctoral Researcher

Laraghbryan House


David's PhD research, completed in 2013, focused on the impact of climate change on the construction industry in Ireland. Since then, he has taught geography and climate change modules to Maynooth University undergraduates and completed a Teaching Fellowship at St. Patrick's College, DCU.

From 2019-2021 he was the Chapter Scientist for the IPCC's AR6 WG1 Chapter 2 (Changing State of the Climate System). From 2021-2023 he was the Research Fellow, under the auspices of PI Peter Thorne, involved with Ireland’s Climate Change Assessment (ICCA), supporting and working with the ICCA Academic Leads and their support teams. The ICCA was launched in January 2024.
David is now engaged with the three-jurisdictional Co-Centre for Climate + Biodiversity + Water (Policy Response Unit), which was officially launched in May 2024