MU hosts conference on renewable energy and innovation

Pictured at the conference were IRESI director Prof Fabiano Pallonetto, MU President Prof Eeva Leinonen, Dr Amy Fahy and Prof Joseph Coughlan of the School of Business
Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - 10:00

Maynooth University’s International Renewable Energy System Integration (IRESI) research group hosted Powering The Future, a conference exploring sustainability, renewable energy and innovation and designed to delve into the forefront of research and development in these areas.

Powering The Future: Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Innovation also involved MU’s School of Business and Centre for Ocean Energy Research (COER) and took place on campus on June 18. It offered participants the opportunity to be part of shaping a greener, more sustainable future and a chance to witness how academia, industry and policymakers are working together to tackle the challenges of our time by driving innovation and implementing sustainability solutions on a global scale.

Following introductions from MU President Professor Eeva Leinonen and IRESI Director Professor Fabiano Pallonetto, participants heard from a panel of sustainability experts, including John Walsh, Emerging Technology, R&D Manager at ESB, Sinead Kelly, Sustainability Leader and Tax Director at PwC, Associate Professor Paula Carroll, Communities Lead NexSys and Amy Harrington, Science & Technology Programme Manager in the RDS.

This was followed by a showcase of sustainability projects at MU, allowing for direct engagement with researchers who are at the forefront of pioneering innovative sustainability solutions.

"Today’s event is a fantastic showcase of the many sustainability projects at Maynooth. It highlights how we, as a university, can play a crucial role in driving innovative solutions to the complex challenges of sustainability and climate change through our ability to foster engaged research, education, and collaboration," said Prof Leinonen. "These efforts are central to our Strategic Plan, which emphasises sustainability and climate change, as well as data and digital transformation, as interdisciplinary research beacons."

The conference also allowed participants to discover funding opportunities, R&D collaborations and educational initiatives within IRESI as well as experiencing first-hand the impact of IRESI education outreach initiatives. It is hoped that the conference will ignite further collaborations between academia, industry, and policymakers to drive sustainable energy solutions on a global scale.

"Maynooth University's IRESI event goes beyond showcasing impactful research in sustainable energy solutions. It serves as a powerful platform for collective action towards a large-scale green transition. Through collaboration with leading industry partners like ESB, PwC, and Accelerate Green, the event fosters cutting-edge innovation for a sustainable future," Prof Fabiano Pallonetto said.

"This commitment extends beyond academia, reaching out to empower all generations within our communities. By providing upskilling opportunities through school outreach programmes and a dedicated youth committee, IRESI equips individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to become active participants in building a more sustainable world. The event doesn't just celebrate research; it ignites a passion for sustainability within the next generation, empowering a community of climate leaders who drive real change."

The expert panel at the conference
MU President Prof Eeva Leinonen opens the conference
Prof Fabiano Pallonetto addresses the conference
Attendees at Powering The Future