Dr. Ian Marder wins engagement award, writes for RTÉ and Dublin People

Pictured: Restorative Justice CBO Network meets in Maynooth in November 2023.
Thursday, June 13, 2024 - 09:30

In May 2024, Dr. Ian Marder (Assistant Professor in Criminology, Maynooth University School of Law and Criminology) won the Maynooth University Public Engagement Award, Individual Award. The MU Public Engagement Award was established in 2024 to ‘celebrate the efforts of our staff to engage non-academic audiences with the University’s work and the positive societal impacts such engagement can yield’. Alongside the STEM Passport for Inclusion team, led by Dr. Katriona O’Sullivan, which won the inaugural Team Award, Ian won the inaugural Individual Award for his work to support the development of policies, services and practices relating to restorative justice in criminal justice settings.
You can read more about the MU Staff Recognition Awards here. You can learn more about work to develop restorative justice in Ireland at www.restorativejustice.ie.
Also in May and June, Ian published four articles in national and local news media. First, an article for RTÉ Brainstorm uses public attitudes research to consider and dispute the claim that the Irish public necessarily want harsher sentencing.
Ian also written a series of short articles for the Dublin People, focusing in turn on evidence-based justice policy, legal regulation of drugs and harms caused by criminal records.