Prof Gerard Lacey

Electronic Engineering, Hamilton Institute, ALL Institute

Head of Department

Engineering Building
(01) 7086767


Gerard (Gerry) Lacey is a Professor of Electronic Engineering and works on robotics and human-machine systems, focusing on real-time computer vision with applications in healthcare.   He has a degree in Computer Engineering and PhD in robotics from Trinity College Dublin and an MBA from University College Dublin.  Before joining Maynooth in 2021, he was an associate professor in Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin.  He has won several innovation awards for Robotics (RESNA PVA Design Award) and Technology Innovation (EU IST Award, Irish Software Association Innovation award, Enterprise Ireland Technolgy Commercialisation and Trinity College Innovation Award).  He has founded two university spin-off companies: Haptica (2000) developed mobile robots for healthcare and built Augmented Reality surgical simulators.  CAE Healthcare acquired Haptica in 2011.  SureWash (2010) currently develops hand hygiene training systems for hospitals.   

Book Chapter

Year Publication
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Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
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