Chemistry Department Seminar Series

Dr Tobias Krämer
Friday, April 26, 2019 - 13:00
Science Building :-PCT: Physics and Chemistry Lecture Theatre


"Organometallic Chemistry in Confined Spaces" Dr Tobias Krämer
Dr Tobias Krämer completed his PhD at the University of Oxford with Prof. John E. McGrady. His research focused on electronic structure calculations of open-shell transition metal systems related to the bonding in inorganic coordination compounds and clusters.
Subsequently, Dr Tobias joined the group of Prof. Frank Neese as a postdoctoral researcher at the Max-Planck-Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion in Mülheim/Ruhr (Germany). He studied [NiFe] hydrogenases (enzymes that catalyse the reversible oxidation of molecular hydrogen), and related biomimetic Ni/Fe complexes by means of theoretical spectroscopy. Since then Tobias has worked with various groups in institutes such as Heriot-Watt University, University of Zurich, Center for Molecular Modelling Ghent. Dr Tobias became a lecturer of Inorganic Chemistry at Maynooth University in 2017.