Among the primary objectives of the CSHIHE are the enhancement of public appreciation of Ireland’s built heritage and landscapes through research and scholarly publication on various aspects of Ireland’s historic houses and estates. The CSHIHE supports undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral research at Maynooth University. Since 2010, the CSHIHE has developed a number of significant research projects, with public outcomes, in collaboration with the OPW, the National Library of Ireland, Castle Howard in Yorkshire, and private benefactors. 

Irish Country House and the Great War: Terence Dooley and Christopher Ridgway, The country house and the Great War: Irish and British experiences (Dublin, 2016). Conference, 'The Country House and The Great War: the European Experience'.

Morpeth Roll:

For an extended documentary on the Morpeth Roll see

The Destruction of the Irish Country House: Conference, 'The Country House and Landed Estate in Time of Revolution'. 

The Great Famine and the Landed Estate: Ciarán Reilly, Strokestown and the Great Irish Famine (Dublin, 2014).

Irish Landed Estates, Rentals and Maps project in collaboration with the National Library of Ireland: Report by Mel Farrell,

Music and the Irish Country House Project with OPW: Karol Mullaney-Dignam, Music and dancing at Castletown, Co. Kildare, 1759–1821 (Dublin, 2011).

The Monksgrange Archive Project: Philip Bull, Monksgrange: Portrait of an Irish house and family, 1769–1969 (Dublin, 2019).

Report into Exercise Scoping Yorkshire-Irish Connections, 1660-1930:  David Gent Report and Appendix