Welcome to the CSHIHE, Department of History, online Historic House Posts for spring 2020. In this time of restricted access and contact the Centre is issuing a series of posts on various aspects of historic houses and estates, past, present, and future. 

Not only is this a way for us to keep in touch with students, friends and supporters, it is also an opportunity to share information, research, and new findings, as well as raise ideas and prompt future discussions. 

In the coming weeks we will be posting a number of pieces ranging widely in content and period. We hope you will enjoy these and when we are able to convene again (whether in classes, workshops, at the annual conference or on other occasions) we will have a chance to pursue some of these topics in more detail.

In the meantime we send our best wishes to everyone and hope that you stay well and safe.
Terry & Chris

You can access our posts here: https://cshihe.wordpress.com/