The main aim of the Research Centre for Public Education and Pedagogy is to promote education for all across Europe, and thus to strengthen democratic society, but also to produce research that can contribute with new ideas for a diverse and robust society to mobilize over difference: To assemble new social imaginariesfor a better future for all. Such mobilization is very much about institutions such as schools, but also the very way in which it is possible for a rich and diverse public life to expresses itself through different types of public institutions.

The research, therefore, is conceptually located between the various expressions of publics and counter-publics on the one hand and the social institutions that are supposed to respond to the needs of such publics on the other. The interest of the centre is in guaranteeing that democracy works in the benefit of society as a whole, not only for the elites and capital. Its task is to support a liveable life for all in society through education. Its contribution is to continuously conceptualize the tension between different social interests for education through research to invent new imaginaries that speak to a genuine pluralistic democracy across Europe.