The Centre hosts an annual conference for doctoral students whose work engages with question of public education and public pedagogy. The first conference took place in January 2020. The next conference will take place in 2021.

Personnal Statements from attendees of the Winter Conference:

"I had the chance to go to the last PhD Winter Conference held in Maynooth last January 2020, and it was such a great experience! First of all, because the participants were outstanding and the discussion around our papers was very fruitful. Second, because the number of participants is kept low, which let us create a little community of intense discussion over the days, not just in the formal meetings, but also in our free time! And also, the last day, we did something quite uncommon and very useful: we reviewed all our notes, and compared the main ideas and debates to take home! I would really encourage  PhD students interested in contemporary debates on public education to attend next year's Conference!”
Tania Alonso-Sainz
Departamento de Pedagogía
Facultad de Formación de Profesorado y Educación
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 

"Participating in the PhD Winter Conference 2020 in Maynooth was such a valuable experience and I would love to recommend anyone with an interest in issues on public education to attend! The historical and social comparative dimension that was brought in through the different presentations shed light on crucial questions for public education – not least the public qualities of education, which I found very interesting. Being together a whole week in a small group and with ample time for every lecture and paper, gave us a good time for collective explorations of the conference theme, but also to come together as a group. Besides that I really appreciated all the informal talks, and how the conference provided valuable perspectives on my PhD project."
Maria Rosén
Department of Education
Uppsala University

The Doctoral Winter Conference 2020 held at Maynooth University focusing on the theme of Public Education was an excellent amalgam of remarkable intellectual stimulation as well as an excellent space for the development of new friendships with young researchers and academics, and general networking opportunities. The presentations were varied, both in scope and take, on the topic of public education as well as in philosophical viewpoints. This provided for rich debates which extended to the informal gatherings on and around the majestic campus grounds. In general this conference was a very enriching experience and I feel that my work has benefited not only from the invaluable direct feedback I received on my presentation but also from all the presentations and discussions that were held at the conference. 
Oswald Tanti Rigos
PhD Student, University of Malta