Photo Fleur Boot

Fleur Boot

We are pleased to congratulate our colleague Fleur Boot on her new job in The Netherlands, where she will combine her work as an intellectual disability physician with a strong research component and will continue her association with ALL as an Honorary Research Fellow.  Her research will be focusing on   developing training programmes for fieldworkers on intellectual disability and health needs, including assistive technology. We  also congratulate Fleur on being awarded a 2019 CAROLINE – ‘Collaborative Research Fellowship for a Responsive and Innovative Europe’ although she will not now be in a position to take this up.  During her time as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at ALL, Fleur undertook field work in Ireland, the USA, South Africa and  India; developed close working relationships with WHO in Geneva; and published a number of important papers in the area of intellectual disability and assistive technology. 

John Owuor

Photo of John Owuor
We are pleased to congratulate our colleague John Owuor on his new job as the director of Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER) at Stockholm University, Sweden. John will continue his work on inclusion of underserved and unserved population groups, focusing on the use information and communication technologies as a catalyst for inclusion of marginalised groups. John was previously a Marie-Curie Post-Doctoral researcher at ALL, during which he carried out study in Ireland exploring how Assistive Technology (AT) can support social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. John collaborated with Daughters of Charity and St John of Gods Services, published a number of papers and presented some of the findings at key international conferences focusing on intellectual disability and social inclusion. John will continue his affiliation to ALL as Honorary Research Fellow.