Qualification : HIGHER DIPLOMA

Award Type and NFQ level : HIGHER DIPLOMA (8)

CAO/PAC code : MHF30;MHF31

CAO Points :

Closing Date : 30 June 2024

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The Higher Diploma in Classical Studies is an entry-level postgraduate option for applicants who already hold a BA or comparable degree, and who wish to add Classical Studies to their list of qualifications. This is a degree that offers a wide-ranging and balanced education in many aspects of the ancient civilizations and their aftermath, with modules on ancient mythology, literature, history, and philosophy as well as the modern reception of the Classical legacy. The programme can be a precursor to the MA in Classical Studies or a stand-alone programme for applicants who hold an undergraduate qualification in another subject and now wish to study Classics. No prior knowledge in the subjects that make up Classical Studies is required. Entrants have the option to take the programme full time or part time.

Commences: September 2024



BA or comparable degree. 

Minimum English language requirements:

Applicants for whom English is not their first language are required to demonstrate their proficiency in English in order to benefit fully from their course of study. For information about English language tests accepted and required scores, please see here. The requirements specified are applicable for both EU and International applicants..

Maynooth University's TOEFL code is 8850


The Higher Diploma in Classical Studies requires a student to select from a mix of compulsory and optional modules across the Ancient Classics undergraduate programme (first-, second-, and third-year modules), amounting to 60 credits in total. 

Course Duration: 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time

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Course Duration: 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time

As a programme designed for applicants who wish to add Classical Studies to their list of qualifications, this qualification serves as a potential entry-point for postgraduate study – it will serve graduates in good stead for any future studies in the subject. It is also hoped that the programme will help graduates in teaching at secondary-school level. Applicants who wish to use this programme to enhance their range of teaching subjects are advised to contact the Teaching Council before applying to ensure recognition. Beyond such specifics, however, graduates of this programme are well prepared to find employment in a wide range of sectors (such as arts administration, education, media, communications, technology and more).

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Higher Diploma in Classical Studies:  MHF30

Higher Diploma in Classical Studies (Part-time): MHF31


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