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Ancient Classics

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Kieran McGroarty was born in Moville, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. He was educated at Carndongh Community School and at St. Patrick's College, Maynooth. He took up a permanent teaching post at Maynooth in 1993.


Year Publication
2006 Kieran McGroarty (2006) Plotinus on Eudaimonia: A Commentary on Ennead I.4. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
2001 Kieran McGroarty (2001) Eklogai. : Department of Ancient Classics, NUI Maynooth.
1995 Kieran McGroarty (1995) Neoplatonica: Studies in the Neoplatonic Tradition. : Hermathena.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2001 Kieran McGroarty (2001) 'The Ethics of Plotinus' In: Eklogai: Studies in Honour of Thomas Finan and Gerard Watson.
2001 Kieran McGroarty (2001) 'The Ethics of Plotinus Kieran McGroarty Department of Ancient Classics, NUI Maynooth' In: Eklogai: Studies in Honour of Thomas Finan and Gerard Watson. [Full-Text]

Other Journal

Year Publication
2006 Kieran McGroarty (2006) 'Did Alexander the Great read Xenophon?' Hermathena, 181 :105-124. [Full-Text]
2000 Kieran McGroarty (2000) 'Does the mystic care? The ethical theory of Plotinus' Maynooth University Record, 1 :11-14. [Full-Text]
1994 Kieran McGroarty (1994) 'Plotinus on Eudaimonia' Hermathena, 157 :103-115. [Full-Text]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2010 Professor James O'Donnell (2010) The Future of the Book Georgetown University, Washington, Arts, Celtic Studies, and Philiosphy, Ancient Classics, .
2009 Kieran McGroarty (2009) Aristophanes and Supposititious Children in Classical Athens: Fact or Fiction? Classical Association of Ireland UCD, .
2008 Kieran McGroarty (2008) Black Market Babies in Classical Athens Annual Lecture Waterford Institute of Technology, .
2008 Kieran McGroarty (2008) Swapping the Swaddling: The Supposititious Child in Classical Greece CRDG NUIM, .
2008 Kieran McGroarty (2008) To the Victor the Spolis: The Strange Behaviour of Alexander the Great Colloquium on War and Society in the Ancient World Royal Irish Academy, .
2007 Kieran McGroarty (2007) Women, Slaves and Metics: The silent voices of Classical Athens Hunt Museum Liberal Arts Series Hunt Museum, Limerick, .
2007 Kieran McGroarty (2007) The Literary Sources for Alexander the Great Schools Series Lecture TCD, .
2006 Kieran McGroarty (2006) Was the Pen mightier than the Sword? The Literary Interests of Alexander the Great Classical Association of Ireland NUIM, .
2005 Kieran McGroarty (2005) Alexander’s Success and Arrian’s Failure Schools Lecture Series Alexandra College, .
2005 Kieran McGroarty (2005) From Philippi to Actium: Octavian’s Road to Victory NUIM Classical Society NUIM, .
2005 Kieran McGroarty (2005) Pagans and Christians: the Influence of Neoplatonism on St Augustine CRDG NUIM, .
2004 Kieran McGroarty (2004) Athens and its Source Materials UCD Classical Society Townley Hall, Drogheda, .
2003 Kieran McGroarty (2003) A Day with Plato School of Philosophy and Economic Science Dublin Castle, .
2003 Kieran McGroarty (2003) Xenophon’s Influence on Alexander the Great Hibernian Hellenists NUIM, .
2000 Kieran McGroarty (2000) Problems in Plotinus’ Ethics Department of Philosophy NUIM, .
1992 Kieran McGroarty (1992) Plotinus on Eudaimonia International Conference on Neoplatonism TCD, .

Book Review

Year Publication
2014 Kieran McGroarty (2014) Roisman, J., & Worthington, I., (eds), A Companion to Ancient Macedonia. BREV
2009 Kieran McGroarty (2009) Reading Ancient Texts Volume II: Aristotle and Neoplatonism. BREV [Full-Text]
2009 Kieran McGroarty (2009) Reading Ancient Texts Volume I: Presocratics and Plato. BREV [Full-Text]
2007 Kieran McGroarty (2007) Edward M. Harris & Lene Rubenstein (ed.), The Law and the Courts in Ancient Greece. BREV [Full-Text]
2005 Kieran McGroarty (2005) Schniewind, A., L’Éthique du Sage chez Plotin. Le paradigme du spoudaios. BREV [Full-Text]
2004 Kieran McGroarty (2004) Worthington, I., Alexander the Great: A Reader. BREV [Full-Text]
2002 Kieran McGroarty (2002) van Wees, H., (ed.), War and Violence in Ancient Greece. BREV
2002 Kieran McGroarty (2002) Osborne, R., (ed.), Classical Greece 500-323. BREV
1999 Kieran McGroarty (1999) Mitchell, L.G., & Rhodes, P.J., The Development of the Poleis in Archaic Greece. BREV
1999 Kieran McGroarty (1999) Gerson, L.P., (ed.), The Cambridge to Plotinus. BREV [Full-Text]
1999 Kieran McGroarty (1999) Gerson, L.P., Plotinus. BREV
1999 Kieran McGroarty (1999) Carey, C., Trials from Classical Athens. BREV

Dictionary Entry

Year Publication
2006 Kieran McGroarty (2006) ‘Plato’, 'Platonism’, 'Plotinus', ‘Socrates’, ‘the Sophists’ ‘the Soul’. DE
2002 Kieran McGroarty (2002) ‘Antigonus I’ , ‘Demosthenes’ , ‘Isocrates’ , ‘Pisistratus’ , ‘Polybius’ , ‘Thucydides’ , ‘Xenophon’. DE


Year Publication
2002 Kieran McGroarty (2002) Plotinus Ennead I.4: A Commentary. St. Patrick's College, Maynooth: THES
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