Why study Anthropology

Since its establishment in 1983, the Department has gained an international reputation for the quality of its research and the teaching and learning experience it provides. Anthropologists study people and what they do, wherever in the world that may take us. At Maynooth, our emphasis is on social-cultural anthropology, which is the comparative study of human societies and cultures. Our staff bring the world into the classroom and teach students to understand local problems in a global, cross-cultural context.      

Career Opportunities

Anthropology has become increasingly important as a job skill in an information-based global economy, where an understanding of cultural difference is crucial. Past anthropology graduates have gone on to careers in community research and education and opportunities in the health sector, user experience in design, international aid and development projects, NGO work, and business and administration.

Alumni Profiles

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Samuel Finnerty

The atmosphere and the warmth of Maynooth is second to none and its location in the small town of Maynooth is rather special. Also it has the only Anthropology Department in the Republic of Ireland, with a dedicated and experienced staff, where I was lucky enough to have studied in for five years. 

Go with the course that you love as opposed to what is seen as the sensible choice. You'll be happier for it and will find a career that matches your character and your interests. 

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