Why study Anthropology

Anthropology explores the comparative study of human society and culture. By closely observing and analysing different ways of life around the world, from tribal villages to Wall Street offices, anthropologists create new knowledge about what it means to be human today.

Anthropology students learn about diverse cultural practices and social institutions such as: religion and ritual, kinship, family and the life course, economy and the market, politics and government, language and performance, science and technology, traditional healing and biomedicine, and much more. You can also study forensic anthropology, which applies skeletal analysis and archaeological techniques to solve criminal cases.

Anthropology fosters creativity and imagination by helping us to think beyond our own pre- conceived worldviews. By cultivating better understanding across cultures, anthropologists also confront forms of bigotry, injustice, and inequality.

Whatever you are most passionate about — from environmentalism to identity politics to business, design and innovation — anthropology can give you the tools to enrich your interests in a deep and sophisticated way.  For information on our undergraduate anthropology modules, please click here.


Career Opportunities

Anthropological skills have become increasingly important in an interconnected transnational economy and global political situation, where understanding cultural difference is necessary to bring about social change or for individuals, businesses and countries to succeed and flourish.

Anthropology prepares students for careers in a wide range of professions including user experience and design research, international development, civil service and government, business and finance, journalism, heritage, ecology and conservation, public health, museum curation, and marketing and advertising.

Alumni Profiles

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Samuel Finnerty

The atmosphere and the warmth of Maynooth is second to none and its location in the small town of Maynooth is rather special. Also it has the only Anthropology Department in the Republic of Ireland, with a dedicated and experienced staff, where I was lucky enough to have studied in for five years. 

Go with the course that you love as opposed to what is seen as the sensible choice. You'll be happier for it and will find a career that matches your character and your interests. 

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Sarah Sheil

Anthropology and Businesss Graduate Career Description

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