Why study Accounting

Did you know that to become a professional accountant you need to successfully complete three levels of professional exams, as well as on the job training? If you successfully complete either the BA Accounting & Finance, the BCL Law and Accounting or the BA Business & Accounting here at Maynooth University, you will be exempt from the first level of these professional examinations.

If your undergraduate degree is not accounting related, on successful completion of the Higher Diploma in Professional Accounting, you will also be exempt from this first level of the professional exams. If you complete the Masters in Accounting at Maynooth, you will be exempt from the second level of these examinations. You will then only have to take one level of professional exams and complete on the job training to qualify as an accountant. No other accounting programmes can get you to your end goal any faster!  

Our Accounting Group were delighted with their success at the Irish Accountancy Awards 2017 being declared winners of the Excellence in Education and Training category.  The award recognises excellence in the delivery and development of knowledge and skills in the Accountancy Profession. 


Career Opportunities

Our accounting programmes prepare students for a variety of careers in both the private and public sectors, and in every industry. Typical career options include accountant in practice/industry, finance director, managing director, management consultant, liquidator/receiver, financial analyst, stockbroker, tax consultant, treasury consultant and teacher.

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