MSc in Robotics and Embedded AI at Maynooth University 

Are you ready for an exciting journey into Robotics and AI?

Maynooth University is delighted to announce the launch of its brand-new Master of Science (MSc) program in Robotics and Embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI).  This ground-breaking program is designed to equip graduates in computing, engineering, and related fields with specialized knowledge and skills in the design and control of robots and intelligent systems, paving the way for a career in industry or academia.

The World of Robotics

Robotics is a multidisciplinary field that demands broad expertise in computing, electronics, and mechanical engineering.  At its core, robotics is built on teamwork, innovation, and the practical application of scientific principles.  Maynooth University's Robotics and Embedded AI MSc program embraces these core values, offering students a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience that sets the stage for a successful career.

Hands-On Learning Experience

One of the key highlights of this program is the emphasis on real-world applications using robot arms, indoor and outdoor mobile robots, farming robots, drones, and human-robot interaction.  In each semester, students will engage in substantial team projects.  The first semester focuses on design thinking and innovation, while the second semester delves into the issues involved in building and deploying a robotic system in a business context.  This holistic approach ensures that students have a solid understanding of the theory and practice of robotics and develop the critical skills required to build their careers.

Research & Industry Internships

In the third semester, students will embark on a significant independent research project in collaboration with industry partners or the university's robotics research group.  With industry-leading partners, students can work on projects that shape the future of robotics technology.  Alternatively, a research-focused project allows students to follow an academic career path.  This diversity ensures that each student's experience is tailored to their career aspirations and interests.

Companies supporting the MSc in Robotics and Embedded AI: Uses GPS tracking and driving style, fuel efficiency, video analysis and field service management to create a synchronised fleet management solution and a safer environment for drivers. Luna’s embedded computer vision technology enables operators and cities to understand how micromobility riders engage with vehicles and proactively reduces errant behavior in real time. Akara is building a smarter future in public health through using cutting edge robotics and AI for hospital room disinfection.




Preparing Graduates for Success

Upon graduation, our students will have a solid foundation in robotic theory and cutting-edge research.  They will have honed transferable skills in design thinking, innovation, and teamwork, making them valuable assets to any organization.  Most importantly, they will have demonstrated their newfound expertise by completing a pioneering research project at the forefront of the robotics and embedded AI field.

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