Prof Richard Roche

Psychology, ALL Institute

Deputy Head of Department

John Hume Building
(01) 708 6069


I was employed as a Lecturer in Maynooth University’s Department of Psychology in 2005 following postgraduate and postdoctoral study in Trinity College Dublin; I have been Professor B as of October 2022, Deputy Head of Department since 2021. My current research interests are in cognitive neuroscience/neuropsychology, particularly memory, ageing, dementia, stroke, brain injury and synaesthesia. To date I have published 37 research articles and three books, and acted as Associate Editor for Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (2014-2016). I have received over €1,450,000 in research funding, and am currently involved in collaborations between Maynooth University and the Stroke Unit of Tallaght Hospital in Dublin, as well as Peamount, Beaumot and St Vincent's Hospitals and the National Rehabilitation Hospital, Dún Laoghaire. I served on the Neuroscience Ireland committee from 2005-2014, as Vice-President 2010-2012 and President 2012-2014, and was the founding President of the Irish Brain Council in 2013. To date I have graduated 9 PhDs and 4 MSc students, and acted as advisor on a further 2 PhDs and 1 MSc. I have been a staunch supporter of neuroscience advocacy, outreach and engagement with the public for the past number of years.


Year Publication
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Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
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Year Publication
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