Satellite Bathymetry

(Dr Conor Cahalane)

Remote Sensing is the science of measuring an object without coming into contact with it. Conor is currently investigating the potential for using multispectral imagery for bathymetric surveys in Irish coastal waters. He has been awarded an SFI Industrial Fellowship to pursue this in conjunction with TechWorks Marine Ltd, an Irish SME. This project incorporates multi-platform datasets such as medium resolution satellite imagery, extremely high resolution imagery captured by Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) and aerial bathymetric LiDAR. Conor is also exploring the suitability of mobile aerial and terrestrial survey platforms for topographic surveys, creation of building models, site inspections, precision agriculture, incident response, erosion monitoring and thermal measurement.

Conor is the Irish representative on the management committee of COST Action ES1309, a collaboration between a number of EU countries investigating recent advances in satellites, UASs and optical sensors that provide unprecedented opportunities for high spatial, spectral and multi-angular near-ground Earth observations.