Mapping & Monitoring Road Infrastructure

(Dr Paul Lewis)

The research challenge set-out in this SFI Industrial Fellowship is to implement a novel LiDAR-data web-services platform for mapping and monitoring road-network infrastructure. Pavement Management Services (PMS) are the industrial partner on this project and they are an Irish owned civil engineering consultancy specialising in testing, evaluation and management of roads, airports and ports, in Ireland and abroad. PMS has expanded its survey-capabilities through the acquisition of LiDAR technologies that enable accurate 3D environmental models to be collected in an affordable and timely fashion. Thus, many organisations, state or commercial, can contract for such data-sets to be collected where the outputs can help manage their network infrastructure requirements. This project aims to enable the management-of and access-to LiDAR-data through next-generation Internet Technologies.

Research Objectives:
- Design and develop a cloud-based platform to implement a LiDAR Web-Service dedicated to Road Survey activities.
- Testing the platform for performance assessment and commercialisation feasibility in a real operational context with our industrial partners will be of significant importance.
- Outreach activities that include publications and future funding proposals to continue/extend the work completed through this SFI award.
The first prototype of the GLiDApp Platform ( is already in place.