Dublin Dashboard

(Dr Gavin McArdle)

The Dublin Dashboard project seeks to provide citizens, government workers and companies with real-time information, urban indicator and benchmarking data, and other forms of data about all aspects of the city – transport, environment, economy, housing, culture, population, health, etc – through a series of interactive graphs, maps and apps.  It thus aims to enable users to gain detailed, up-to-date intelligence about the city that will help foster smart decision making and smart citizens.  It pulls together data from major data sources including Dublin City Council, Dublinked, CSO, Eurostat, and government departments, and links to a variety of existing apps.  The underlying data is freely available so others can undertake their own analysis and build their own apps and it is hoped that the project will run or sponsor hackathons to help translate the dashboard across platforms (e.g. smart phones, tablets), as well as create new visualisations and apps.  The principle work of the project is to design and build the dashboard interface and infrastructure and to liaise with various stakeholders concerning data and dashboard configuration. The Dashboard was launched in autumn 2014 and new features are being added on a regular basis. The Dublin Dashboard is part of the ERC funded project, The Programmable City.  Details of that project can be found here.