Official Launch of the "Martin Charlton GIS Lab"

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 - 15:45

On the 21st of November we hosted the memorable launch event of the "Martin Charlton GIS Lab," here in MUSSI. This event, held in honour of the late Dr. Martin Charlton of Maynooth University, brought together a diverse community of friends, colleagues, and family members both in person and online.
The event seamlessly blended in-person and virtual participation, allowing old friends and colleagues of Martin to join us from various locations. The sense of unity transcended physical boundaries as we celebrated his enduring legacy in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
Professor Chris Brundson and Professor Rob Kitchin shared heartfelt reflections on Martin's life and illustrious career. They explained the background of what led Martin to Maynooth University, highlighting his significant contributions to GIS and the impact he made on the academic community.
Professor Chris Brundson, officially cut the ribbon to mark the inauguration of the "Martin Charlton GIS Lab." This symbolic gesture means that although we may not have had the opportunity to celebrate Martins retirement with him or attend his funeral due to covid 19 restrictions we will always feel his presence here in MUSSI/NCG.
The event then moved to the unveiling of a poignant photograph captured by Professor John O'Brennan during storm Ophelia. The photo featured Martin enjoying a pint by candlelight in his favourite Maynooth pub, accompanied by the caption, "The only man on earth to find a pub in the middle of a hurricane." This touching moment served as a fitting tribute to Martin's resilience, humour, and love for life.
As a poignant conclusion to the event, we had the honour of sharing a recording that showcased one of Martin's other loves —his passion for music. The recording captured a moment of Martin performing a piece on the organ, allowing us to experience the beauty and depth of his talents. This touching musical tribute served as a fitting reminder of Martin's enduring spirit.
The "Martin Charlton GIS Lab" stands as a testament to Martin's enduring legacy, and we will always have him close to us for any social gathering in the department, just the way he would have wanted.

For those who couldn't join us, the recording of the event is below;