Available Courses for Erasmus / Visiting International Students



We currently offer two Certificates to Erasmus and Visiting International students: the Certificate in Irish Cultural Heritage and the Certificate in International Business. Please see the below links for more details:

Note: It is possible to take the full certificate or individual modules from the Certificate in Irish Cultural Heritage


Theology & Philosophy Modules at Saint Patrick's Pontifical University

Students also have the opportunity to take Theology and Philosophy classes with St. Patrick's Pontifical University.

***Theology module information for 24/25 Academic Year coming soon!***


Undergraduate / Postgraduate Module Indicators:

Please note the following:

Undergraduate / Bachelor Courses:

Modules marked “1” are First Year modules, for example, PS150. First Year modules are suitable for students who have little or no prior knowledge of the subject area.
Modules marked “2” are Second Year modules, for example, EN202.
Modules marked “3” are Third Year modules, for example, HY305.
Modules marked “4” are Final Year modules, for example, CS460.

Postgraduate / Master & PhD Courses:

Modules marked “6” – “8” are postgraduate modules, for example AN693: you must be a postgraduate student to take these modules. Undergraduate students are NOT permitted to take postgraduate modules.