Prof Sharon Todd

Education, Centre for Public Education and Pedagogy

Professor of Education

Maynooth University School of Education
(01) 708 3466


Professor of Education at Maynooth since 2014. Educated at McGill and Concordia Universities in Montréal, I have a BA in Art History (1987), Dip Ed in Later Childhood Education (1988), MA in Philosophy of Education (1992) and PhD in Humanities (1996). Previous appointments include Professor of Education with a focus on Internationalisation and Interculturalism at Stockholm University (2004-2014).  My interests over the course of my academic life have been interdisciplinary in nature, and I bring into conversation the humanities-based traditions of scholarship with a social science commitment to concrete change and analysis. I have benefited enormously, both personally and professionally, from living in different cultural contexts and how they shape educational policies and practices.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
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Year Publication
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Book Chapter

Year Publication
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Edited Book

Year Publication
2015 Sharon Todd; Oren Ergas (Ed.). (2015) Philosophy East/West: Exploring Intersections between Contemplative and Educational Practices. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell, [DOI]
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Year Publication
2021 Todd S.; Hoveid M.H.; Langmann E. (2021) Educating the Senses: Explorations in Aesthetics, Embodiment and Sensory Pedagogy. [Editorial] [DOI] [Full-Text]
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